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We know that often times it is hard to stay up to date on the legislative updates, and in tune with your legislators. On this page you will always find your current representatives and easy access to their pages and events. We hope to help you on your quest to be informed!

St Charles City Council

St. Charles City Council

St. Charles has an Aldermanic-City form of government, which consists of 10 Aldermen, a Mayor and a City Administrator. The Aldermen and Mayor are elected officials who serve four-year terms on the City Council. The City Administrator is appointed and is responsible for daily operations. The City of St. Charles is a home rule municipality.

Kane County

Kane County Board

The Mission of Kane County Government is to be accountable to its citizens in providing innovative and high quality government services in an economical, fair, professional, and courteous manner to enhance and protect the health, welfare, and safety of those who live and work in Kane County.

State and Federal Representatives

Additional Communities Served

Legislative Partners

Legislative Committee